During the week hotel residents have use of the pool and leisure club at any time. For holiday weekends, we may have a booking system in place for families and pool time, contact us for further information on

  • Residents in the facility must still maintain a 2m physical distance except in the instance of being from the same family.
  • Residents are encouraged to pre change before using the facility where practical, the changing room facility will still be available with a limited capacity allowing for comfortable social distancing.
  • Residents using changing facilities of the leisure club must use lockers to contain personal belongings and keys provided - €1 coin return system is in place.
  • Considerations should be made to ensure limited time is taken in changing areas, especially during the changeover of users to maintain social distancing & allow optimum sanitisation.
  • Hot tubs/spa pools are open and social distancing must be adhered to.
  • Only one parent/carer per child will be allowed to supervise their child during swimming activities (external to the pool)
  • Any equipment used will be cleaned after/between use, e.g.  arm bands, kick boards etc.

Maximum bather numbers are based on bather’s usage per volume of chlorinated water, please note this will determine access when busy.

Residential Gym & Fitness Class access: 

  • There is a time limit of an hour usage in the fitness facility but it will be open all day. This can be scheduled at leisure reception once check in has been confirmed at hotel reception.
  • Residents are encouraged to arrive pre changed for workout from their rooms to ease changing room traffic.
  • Touch points of equipment should be cleaned after use – this can be done by the customer using spray and cloths provided. Please note this is in addition to the clubs cleaning schedule.
  • Fitness Classes are operating on a book in system, please enquire at leisure club reception for spaces available. For charged classes this can be room charged for convenience.