Allow us to review and evaluate your physical health, strength and flexibility in a private one to one personal training consultation while using the gym facilities at Manor West Hotel. 

See below the range of sessions available to you and contact us on if we can be of any help to you. 

 If you are booking our Fitness & Personal Training Break, this package includes one €25 appointment of choice and one €40 appointment of choice from below list.  

Gym Induction                                                                                        Included in stay – No intensity

Hotel guests can avail of a gym induction to be booked in at the leisure club on arrival. This accommodates a smooth workout transition between home and travel environments. The fitness instructor will go through the set up of a new machine or how to operate a piece of apparatus you are less familiar with. They will advise an outline of what type of workout to undertake and indicate what intensity and time. It will ensure you train well and takes about 15mins.

Gym Consultation                                                                                 €25 – No/Low intensity

A throughout consultation can be booked for 30mins. The instructor can consider your lifestyle habits, body composition, help you set goals on the basis of your interests as well as history with exercise. Depending on your intentions, the assessment can include a flexibility assessment, functional movement screening, body analysis and exercise technical assessment. Generally this is more detailed the more experience  the individual or the more specific their goals are.

Postural Analysis                                                                                  €25 – No/Low intensity

A complete postural analysis can be booked for 30mins. There will be an assessment based on your static and dynamic posture through a series of gentle movements.  A brief review of your work and life patterns will determine how to help create a starting point in realignment. The instructor will look at your flexibly and mobility in this assessment to fulfil the overall analysis. Restoring the natural balance of your body can be a very rewarding journey once you have identified where to begin.  

Personal Training                                                                                €40 – Low/Medium/High intensity

Continue your program or make a start training with one of our fitness professionals. After an introduction & set-up you will be taken through what your body needs in this 60mins workout. The intensity and style is of your choice. A PT session can be booked post any of the assessments above, as a means of continuation and delivery of information gathered. Instructors can also prepare in advance by making contact with them when placing the appointment through reception.

Rehabilitation Training                                                                    €40 – Low/Medium intensity

Take time for your neglected areas. Focus on yourself for this 60mins corrective training package with an in house fitness professional. Shoulder & chest issues, wrist & neck tension release, back care program, hip & pelvic rebalance or ankle, knee & hip improvement. Restore fundamental movement patterns to open up sections of your body that never get enough attention.

Pilates                                                                                                         €40 – Low/Medium intensity

Build strength, flexibility and endurance without risking injury. Restore the natural curvature of your spine through a series of movements and focus on your breath patterns to relieve muscle tension. Focus on core stability to promote a more balance, harmonised and aligned body during this 60mins programme with our fitness professional.

30mins Manor H.I.I.T                                                              €25 {€40} – High intensity {45mins}

Give 100% of your max effort encouraged by an in house fitness professional. This is a short, intense workout with short recovery times. A great way to combine cardio and strength training & burn a ton of calories in a short amount of time. Warm-up and Cool down not included. Please arrive warmed up for session & you are responsible for your own cool down. To have these included allow for 45mins in total for your session.

30mins Manor Mobility Flow                                                                     €25 – Low intensity

Unlock you joints. Move. Feel how your body operates through its current range and look to demand more from yourself. This flow creates a mind, body connection as the fitness professional takes you through a systematic pattern of everyday wants from your body. A nourishing way to focus on how you feel in your body’s movements.

30mins Spin & Sweat                                                                          €25 – Medium/High intensity

Love your bike? So do we! Any level of fitness, beginners through to advance can avail of this Heart Rate Zone spin session. If you have never tried it we particularly welcome you! The spin instructor will set you up and provide you with a pulse oximeter to monitor your heart rate so you get the session that is exclusively right for your fitness level. Fitness enthusiasts be warned – there is no way you can hide on the bike!

30mins Stretch & Relax                                                                                 €25 – No/Low intensity

Lengthen connective tissue, release muscular tension and ease yourself into a calm state of mind. This is a great way for you to concentrate on your breathing while at the same time liberating your own muscular soft tissue. Through use of gentle props the fitness instructor will help you stretch out pockets of congestion that tend to live with us when life moves us too fast.